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General information

We invite you to learn more about the activities happening within The Excellence Initiative at the Faculty of Philosophy.

As part of the open calls process, you (i.e., Faculty employee) can apply for four types of funding:

Grants supporting publications in top jounrals and publishers
Grants supporting the receipt of international grants
Allowances for submitting international projects 
Funds to finance open access to publications 

Information about each of the calls along with the necessary forms can be found on the corresponding subpage.

The committee accepts applications on a continuous basis, and these are assessed in an ongoing manner, as long as the funds are available. The meetings of the Committee are held at least once a month. In urgent cases, decisions are made without delay.

The members of the committee are: prof. Szymon Wichary, prof. Tomasz Żuradzki, prof. Jolanta Perek-Białas, prof. Mariusz Sztuka, prof. Marta Kudelska, Jarosław Bener, M.A., a representative of CWN (optional) and a representative of the discipline to which the application relates (optional).

The applicant has 14 days to appeal against the decision of the committee. The appeals committee members are: prof. Małgorzata Kossowska, prof. Jacek Nowak, prof. Michał Wierzchoń.

We also recommend you read the FAQ.

Mention of the fact that ID UJ is a source of financing should be made on every occasion, whether that be in publications, in presentations on financed activities, etc.

The grants and the publications should be affiliated with the UJ.

If you have any questions, please contact us:
for substantive matters - Anna Potoczek, Ph.D. (, Marta Maj, Ph.D. (,
for administrative matters - Marta Ćwir-Biborska, M.A. (, Danuta Klepacz, B.A. (

Download files
Information about the Excellence Initiative Program
Instructions on how to proceed after receiving a positive financing decision under the IDUJ (Excellence Initiative)