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Lecture: "Darwin and Cousin Marriage in Victorian England"

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Polish Institute of Anthropology and the Jagiellonian University Institute of Sociology has the pleasure to invite you to the lecture by one of the most eminent British anthropologists, Professor Adam Kuper. The lecture "Darwin and Cousin Marriage in Victorian England" will be delivered on 20 march 2013 at 6 p.m. in the JU Institute of Sociology at ul Grodzka 52, room 79.  

The lecture is a part of the project "Anthropological Colloquia" run by the Polish Institute of Anthropology in collaboration with various academic institutions from different parts of Poland, including the JU Institute of Sociology. "Anthropological Colloquia" is a series of lectures by the world's leading anthropologists, who address the anthropological issues that are considered essential in the modern world. The main objective of the project is to make Polish students and doctoral students familiar with the research by the world-class experts and establish a platform for the exchange of research experience and theoretical conclusion in the field of social sciences between Poland and other countries. More information is available at: http://www.pia.org.pl/66-kolokwia-antropologiczne-pia.  

Professor Adam Kuper (born 1941) was born and raised in South Africa. The graduated in history and social anthropology from the University of Cambridge and has conducted field research in Botswana and Jamaica. The is an eminent expert in anthropological theory and the history of anthropology and social sciences, a member of the British Academy. He works as a visiting lecturer at Boston University and has given lectures at the University College London, Leiden University, Brunel University in London, and other higher education institutions in several countries.

Professor Kuper is an author of many books, including: Wives for Cattle: Bridewealth and Marriage in Southern Africa, (Routledge, 1982); The Invention of Primitive Society: Transformations of an Illusion, (Routledge, 1988); Anthropology and Anthropologists: The Modern British School, (Routledge, 1996 [third edition]); The Chosen Primate. Human Nature and Cultural Diversity (Harvard University Press, 1994); Culture: The Anthropologists' Account, (Harvard University Press, 1999); Reinvention of Primitive Society. Transformations of a myth (Routledge 2005); Incest and Influence: The Private Life of Bourgeois England, (Harvard University Press, 2009).

Together with his wife, Jessica Kuper, he co-edited The Social Science Encyclopedia (Routledge 2003). He was also the main academic editor of the quarterly Current Anthropology.

 So far, three of his books have been translated into Polish: Anthropology and Anthropologists: The Modern British School, The Anthropologists' Account, and Reinvention of Primitive Society. Transformations of a myth.


Published Date: 15.03.2013
Published by: Kamil Jodłowiec