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The fund for financing open access to publications

There is automatic financing of access to publications, authored by Faculty employees, in the Scopus Top10% - only for publications with 200 and 140 points (a confirmation of a paper’s acceptance is sufficient); this applies only to the journals with an embargo on immediate sharing. Journals offering so-called green open access are excluded from funding as they allow sharing of the publication. The lists are attached to the details about the call and they will be updated. One only needs to submit an application to receive funding.

It is also possible to obtain funds for open access to publications in journals outside the list, but in that case, the application will be assessed by the Committee (prof. Żuradzki, prof. Wichary, prof. Perek-Białas), including an additional representative of the same discipline as a given publication (this person will be appointed by the head of the discipline). If necessary, Jarosław Bener (M.A.) will also participate in the deliberations of the Committee.

Monographs in leading publishing houses will also be financed (however, due to high costs, each time you should consult with us the expected support).

It is a requirement that the source of funding is included in the publication.
The publications should be affiliated with the UJ.
The principles of financing multi-author works:
1. Full funding is granted if the first (corresponding) author of a publication is an employee of the Faculty.
2. Proportional funding is granted if the Faculty employee is not the first (corresponding) author of a publication.

We are cognizant of the fact that that there will be exceptions to this rule – on each occasion, the Committee will make a determination on financing matters.
The current list of journals is here: (as of July 2022).

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Financing open access to publications
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