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Grants supporting publications in top journals and publishers

Examples of activities that may be financed from the funds are as follows:

• All the activities necessary to strengthen the publication (e.g., conducting a study recommended by the reviewer, including compensation for participants, payment for a company providing a research panel, remuneration for laboratory workers / pollsters, the costs of preparing procedures, conducting interviews and transcribing them, etc.)
• Consultations, services, or substantive workshops (e.g. if statistical methods unknown to the authors are needed to underpin the arguments in the article/monograph, improve the quality of the analysis / argumentation)
• Translation, proofreading and the correction of publications by professionals, native speakers, etc.
• Monograph preparation costs (e.g. typesetting, editing)
• Trips for consultations with co-authors and the visits of co-authors
• Conferences that will improve the publication
• Outside meetings (e.g., writing retreats) with co-authors
• Queries
• The purchase of literature
It is of key importance to note that proper justification for any planned action will make successful publication more likely (by improving the quality of the paper / monograph, responding to the journal's / publisher's requirements, addressing the comments of the reviewer / editor, etc.).

Applications should be submitted when work on the publication has already started (e.g., it is known to which journal or publisher it will be submitted, with which partners, what requirements must be met, etc.).
In this call, Faculty employees can apply for funds up to the sum of 50,000 PLN.
The period from the acquisition of funding to the submission of the publication should be less than 12 months (however, in well-justified cases, the effect of the grant - the publication - may be delivered later than within a year).
It is a requirement that the source of funding is included in the publication.
The publications should be affiliated with the UJ.

The assessment covers:
• The prestige of the journal / publisher
• Project advancement
• The interdisciplinarity of the Polish team
• The involvement of employees who are at the initial stages of their scientific career
• Applications will be assessed according to the requirements of the journal / publisher to which the publication is to be submitted
The current list of journals: (as of July 2022)
It is possible to apply for funding for a publication in a journal outside the list, but it will be necessary to justify such an application. Monographs published in leading publishing houses will also be financed.

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