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Grants supporting the receipt of international grants

Examples of activities that may be financed from the funds are as follows:

• Research necessary to strengthen the grant application – including, for example, compensation for participants, payment for the company providing a research panel, remuneration for laboratory workers/pollsters, the costs of preparing procedures, etc.|
• Trips for consultations with team members, and visits of team members
• Outside work meetings with team members
• Trips for queries
• Access to databases
• Remuneration for preparing the formal application
• Graphic design and editing of the application
• Consultations and trainings related to the subject of the grant (e.g. statistical training, consultations with experts)
• Substantive support, consultations, and training on obtaining funds for a specific call
• Participation in summer schools, workshops, conferences related to the subject of the grant (to expand the team, acquire competences, etc.)
• The purchase of resources necessary to prepare the application (e.g. books, databases)

It is of key importance to note that proper justification for any planned action will make successful grant acquisition more likely.
Applications should be submitted when work on the project has already started (e.g. you know what grant you intend to apply for, who you will work with, etc.).
In this call, Faculty employees can apply for funds up to the sum of 50,000 PLN.
Additional remuneration for team members who are full-time employees of the Jagiellonian University will not be financed under the call.
The period from the acquisition of funding to the submission of the application should be less than 12 months (however, in well-justified cases, the effect of the grant - the grant application - may be delivered later than within a year).
The grants should be affiliated with the UJ.

The assessment covers:
• The importance of the grant [priority for scientific research and application projects, the roles in the project (leader vs. partner), the amount of funding for the Jagiellonian University]
• Project advancement
• Membership in an international consortium (research network) interested in submitting an application
• The roles in the project (leader/partner)
• The interdisciplinarity of the Polish team
• The involvement of employees who are at the initial stages of their scientific career
• Justification for the proposed activities, especially with regard to external evaluations, previous applications, publication potential, etc.
• Applications will be assessed according to the requirements of a given grant call (e.g. the team's interdisciplinarity criteria will not be applied with regard to individual grants).


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